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A lot of us earn our living as creative people. I buy a lot of stuff from Etsy --- and it kinda blows my mind how large it is! 

When COVID hit us bad, and we were told to stay home --- I laid off my employees.  (I couldn't collect - because I'm an owner PLUS I never got help with PPP or other loans - boo hoo, poor me, so I couldn't bring my employees back.)

Anyway - apparently we all made lemonade out of lemons the best we could.  One of our fabulous people decided to rethink her life and she is going on a mission to Thailand with her husband.  

Another has a zillion hobbies - so she immediately went to her sewing machine to make masks.  She sewed tee-shirt quilts, and tells me her gardens have never looked better.  She helped her college-age kids with projects like building things from scrap lumber.  

And me - I worked on a lot of new ideas. Mostly I decided that people needed soothing, and support.  

It led me to a new idea to to design jewelry - I am excited about it because jewelry stays with you all the time you wear it.  The jewelry cheers me up  because it incorporates encouragement, kindness and a little bit of lightness.  These are challenging times, to say the least.  Hope makes us human.

Best wishes to all and hope you are well!