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I was always an artist and to this day, I can't stop making stuff.

My studio, Oerth Studio, is named after me, Lorraine Oerth.  Clever, huh?

Anyway since art school - it was drummed into me that an artist should be proud of themselves.  And I am.  Mostly I am proud of our studio and the items we produce.  Along with a handful of artisan-assistants, everything is made by hand. 

It's an atelier studio meaning that everyone is cross trained.  I am the designer and everything is made to my specifications.

The studio is located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, on a main street of mid-1800's houses.  Ours is the only free-standing Italianate Victorian in Old Town.  It has lovely windows, original floors and good vibes.



    Lorraine Oerth &  brother-in-law Tim Musselman

    Today we sell our products to more than 500 premier shops nationwide. 
      •   Museum stores, hotels, spas, galleries, gift shops and non-profits including The Biltmore Estate and Esalen Institute.

      Thank you for taking the time to know us a little better.