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          Butterfly Muse by Lorraine Oerth

In my art - I like to play. Ideas come from previous successes and failures. I am a big experimenter.  Allow yourself to be a child again.  You are not being judged. And if you are --- who cares?  This is time to enjoy having fun. One of my latest projects is my Muses.  I love making them.  Here are some steps in their creation:

#1 - Sketching the idea.  Figure out how to make it.

#2 - The pieces are made.  Final touches.

#3 - The Muses are fired!  Almost finished.



Pablo Picasso Three Musicians (left)  *  Pablo Picasso Teacups (right) 

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DIY:  Step-by-step instruction on

how-tomake this painting by Lorraine

Watercolor by Lorraine Oerth in an abstracted design.  A fun design play.

Very easy.  I like to do these when traveling.  Hotel room as art studio.  It works.