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          What is production?

Being an artist is wonderful.

And yet --- a fellow artist asked this question: Is Lorraine satisfied being a production artist? 

MY ANSWER:  All artists who are professionals are production artists.  We make a lot of work.  We do this because this is our occupation - our job.  One idea builds on another.

We also create a lot of art because we love what we do.  Being an artist is fulfilling because we are challenged by an endless quest to improve.

Here is a photo of my Muses - all sold and ready for new homes.  Each is different.  What fun! 

I am grateful to be an artist - and grateful that people want to own what I make.  It's a privilege to be an artist.  I'm one of the lucky ones who knew since childhood I wanted to be an artist.  I got my wish.  I'll never get tired of this...