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          More faces...

Messing around with faces again.  This time want to do them flat, with color and line.  Inspired by Picasso ceramics, of course.  And Matisse drawings.  

I always wonder, how can these guys (you know - the ones hanging in the museums) make stuff, that is SO simple yet SO effective?

Picasso said it is about allowing yourself to be a child again.

He said that conformance, and yes, education, beats it out of us --- the desire to experience the beauty of expression.

So let's start: with someone I personally know, my nephew Zack.  He is 5 years old,and I wish I could draw like this.  He doesn't know I stole his drawing.  (He hasn't giving it to me yet).   I didn't steal it but I violated his copyright.

I ran downstairs and scanned it - and you are seeing it in black and white - not the joyous Crayola crayon it was.

But I'll tell you - if this were matted and framed - you'd have a hard time distinguishing it from REAL art.  It would look like GREAT art.  (In my opinion - but then I'm a crazy artist, so...  

I used to tell my students that if you saw their stuff hanging on the wall in a museum - you would accept that it belongs there. Try it!  If you're not already doing so - mat and frame some marks you've made.  You'll be impressed.  Whether realistic or abstract - just put your head down and GO FOR IT!

I love the mats and frames you can get from Target for around $25. - The black wood looks professional.  Happy NEW Year!  I hope you have time having fun with art.  Being creative can really make you soar.