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          JD Myers in Redlands CA carries Lorraine Oerth Giving Bowls


Lorraine Oerth's ceramics are known for their bright colors.  We call them "jelly beans" because of their festive and happy colors.

We just shipped these Giving Bowls to J.D. Myers in Redlands California.

 White, grey, taupe and light ginger glazes are perfect for them.  Plus they picked out their own words, so their collection is unique. 

How about neutrals?  Always appreciated in fashion - elegant and sophisticated.

But in home decor - the trend towards neutrals has exploded into the style "Farmhouse Modern".  Here are some great decorating ideas in Sarah Joy's Blog about the trend.

Bottom line, this is not your parent's "Country" style.  The look is young, fresh and affordable.  But that doesn't mean your parents don't love it too.  They do.  Check out these Farmhouse decor ideas.