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          Covid and Creatives

Many of us earn our living by selling what we make.  I buy a lot of things from Etsy.  It kinda blows my mind how big it has become.  It's huge!  So much talent!

When Covid hit real bad - and we were all told to stay home, I laid off my employees.  They felt OK about it because they would get unemployment insurance.  (Not me - I'm an owner, boo hoo, not elligible.   Although I applied for PPP and loans - nothing came through).

We were lucky, because no one in our circle got sick.

And lemonade was made from the lemons...

One of our fabulous team members re-thought her priorities, and decided to go on a Mission to Thailand with her husband.

Another spent her days making masks.  Lots of masks.  She also sewed tee-shirt quilts, did gardening, and worked with her son building projects from scrap wood.

I spent a lot of time designing.  I decided on a product, like our Giving Bowls and Giving Hearts, that made people feel good.  It developed into a line of jewelry.  Fun stuff with a message of encouragement and support.

I started with Dog Tag Pendants.  I was inspired by the Army Corps of Engineers who rolled up their sleeves to design/build field hospitals.  I was humbled to see  members of the National Guard who stepped up to help with food banks, testing facilities and any other task they were called to do.  

We all have our stories.  These are uncertain times.  Challenging times.  Yet it is an inspiring time to experience our collective spirit of courage and hope.  

I hope you and your loved ones are well.  Thanks for allowing me to share some thoughts.  All the best, Lorraine Oerth