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Hello, I'm Lorraine Oerth

I have always been self employed as an artist, a studio potter, since the day after I graduated from art school in Philadelphia.  My studio is an atelier- style workshop in Alexandria VA.   I am the designated boss, designer and technical brains.  We are all cross-trained.  So we all do a little bit of everything.  And that's how we like it.  It is fun working here.  Plus there are a lot of studio dogs - so that's the icing on the cake.  

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Hundreds of specialty retail shops throughout the USA carry our products, including selected e-commerce, boutiques, spas, hotels, hospital gift stores, jewelry stores, book stores, fashion, resort stores, craft and art galleries and museum shops.

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Barnes Foundation offers Giving Bowls at their museum shop in Philadelphia PA.
Escalen offers Lorraine Oerth Giving Bowls and Giving Hearts at their bookstore in Big Sur CA
Modern Artisans offers Lorraine Oerth Soap Dishes and Whimsy Bowls.
Small Crafts Advisory offers Lorraine Oerth Giving Bowls in Stone Harbor NJ.
Naples Soap Company offers ceramics by Lorraine Oerth including soap dishes.

"It's like a greeting card they don't throw away".

The best thing about Giving Bowls & Giving Hearts is that people really like them.  They are useful for ring dishes or tiny treasures.  And you will be remembered for your thoughtfulness.  It's nice to get things.  And it's nice to give things.  Our product makes everyone feel good. 

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All the best,

Lorraine Oerth

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